Thursday, November 19, 2020

My Latest Book - Extinction Live - Watch the Extinction of the Human race LIVE as it happens - IS there still time to save us? You be the judge.

 If you have been watching the news and weather in your neck of the woods, you know something is VERY VERY WRONG OUT THERE!


This is from the ENDING of the book in which MARS plays a major role.

The truth is that we are polluting the planet at such a destructive rate - mainly due to the requirement of too much energy to complete our daily tasks - that we will heat up the planet by the end of this century to such a degree that all life could SUFFOCATE on the EARTH.  Don't laugh the same thing happened on VENUS, although due to natural causes and is now a balmy 900 deg. F.  Nothing can live on our nearest neighbor toward the sun.

On our nearest neighbor away from the sun - MARS - the planet is so cold most of the time that it is almost impossible for life to exist there as well.

HOWEVER - if we perform some of the Science presented in my new book - Extinction Live - it's entirely possible for humans to live comfortably on MARS IN THIS CENTURY - BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE

It could be that we solve the atmosphere problem on Mars so well that Martians return to the home planet to SAVE THE EARTH AS WELL.

So, this is the basic plot of the book.  If you enjoy a Classic Science Fiction Thriller - this is the book for you and if you REALLY LIKE IT - please give it a review on Amazon AND copy the BOOK COVER around the Web to let others know about it.  IF we don't get behind saving the PLANET - we are DOOMED to destroy it - like it or not - this is where we're at today, thanks to the negligence of hundreds of years of human history.

extinction live

Go SpaceX - Please hover your mouse over the image of the Book Cover Above, click on - SAVE IMAGE AS - to your own device and then upload it to all of your social media pages - IF you want to PROMOTE the salvation and redemption of our species.


Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Science Of Physics Goes AUDIBLE TODAY - give it a listen

The Science of Physics - Drops for Audible Book Listeners

Science, Physics, scientific discovery, einstein, scientific breakthroughs
The Science of Physics - by Michael Mathiesen Coming to a book store near you.  Best new Amazon, Audible and Google Book to come along in years. Best-selling-books for 2022 is just over the Amazon Books List.  Greatest way to save the planet is written all over and through these pages.


Get the potential Nobel Prize Winning Information now before everyone else does.

DO IT NOW - You have never read or heard anything like this before.  

If he were alive today - Albert Einstein would probably say - "This is Scientific History in the Making."



When you join us - we will be sending from time to time all the relevant highest impact new scientific discoveries that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE - Stay ahead of the curve !~

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Potential Nobel Prize Winner in Physics or Tom Foolery - time will tell.


The only way we can actually save our species.

Readers will be invited to alter their DNA - but you need to know HOW and WHY first.

Nominate this author for the Nobel Prize - if you will.

Some people like President Obama have received this award - just because.  Others truly earn the greatest prize around.

You have so much of my work to choose from.

In this work, I created the formula that will influence the rest of history of the world.

Zero to the power of Infinity = Any Number

Before this formula of mine, Einstein's Unified Field Theory could not be proven.  Now it is.

I really started to use my brain during the writing of this book.  The main theory holds today and is partially proven.  In that the place where Consciousness begins in this universe is at the sub-atomic level and then it works its way up to the human animal and other life forms by induction as it creates the varying layers of the onion we know as the universe.

Whenever I have free processing time, I turn my attention to national and global problems. If we don't perform every recommended action in this book - the planet is doomed - we're toast - done - stick a fork in us.  Yes, that includes you and your progeny.

A few years back, I invented a new kind of electricity that uses 'Entangled Electrons' instead of the feckless little critters of the ordinary unloved electrons.  One thousand times more powerful and no carbon footprint.  I should have been awarded the Nobel Prize just for this line of thought.

Every once in a while, I take a shot at a classic Science Fiction novel idea.  This is one where the reader learns that it's not bad luck or even Karma that is kicking your butt - it's the Anti-Matter that occupies almost half of our universe - just unnoticed - until now.

When you notice all of the incompetence and absolute evil done to people and the planet by governments all over the world - you start to think - there has to be a better way.  Then, when you think about Artificial Intelligent machines that are under development at this time, you begin to realize just how much improved our economy could be and all of our individual lives would be improved if ROBOTS RULED THE WORLD.

If you're interests lie in the latest computer science and research into AI - this may be the book for you.  These ideas are what led me to believe that it's time to let a completely logical, rational and un-flappable brain rule the planet - because we are doing a pretty lousy job and we're on the brink of destroying everything.  Therefore, what have we got to lose? 

BUT before we trust our planet to a ROBOT, we should at least experiment with REAL DEMOCRACY FIRST - don't you think?

Let's let the people decide the issues that effect them the most on a daily basis.  Congress can still make things happen, but the People themselves should decide the major laws we all have to live by,  such as how much taxes to pay our government to get things done in the manner in which we'd like them to get done.  Isn't that what a Real Democracy is all about?  We do this in 22 of the states of the United States with state Initiatives and Referenda.  Why not do that on a NATIONAL LEVEL for all national laws, regulations and policies?  If Real Democracy is good enough for the states and last time I looked it's working purrrrrfectly - why not use the same system of the people introducing the laws and then voting on them directly on the federal level.  Why does ONE SLOB from KENTUCKY get to BLOCK all of our laws that would do us all the most benefit?  Why does one party have so much influence over the laws the American people must obey?  Why don't we let the people decide?  

They do that in RUSSIA and we can't yet in the United States of America - the so-called - 'Bastion of Democracy' - not yet and not until.

When you dream big like I do, you begin to realize what a miracle LIFE on this PLANET is and how to preserve and protect it.

It all began with my curiosity about the discovery of the God Particle in 2012 by the physicists at the LHC the Large Hadron Collider.

The God Particle is the first little messenger of Creation that blasts itself forth from The Big Bang and creates every other sub-atomic particle in the universe and this is why it's known as the God Particle.  If there's God Particle - someone needed to write the Bible for the God Particle so I took up the challenge.


Sunday, May 31, 2020

Science of Physics goes BIG today. Answers to all the REALLY BIG - biggy, biggest questions for Mankind available now.

How many Electrons live in the universe today?

Shocking Science News - The answer to this question will surprise you.  Do you believe you have the answer?

Wait until you've read this blog to the end and then try again.

The first photo of Entangled Sub-Atomic Particles

When an electron becomes 'Entangled' with another of its kind, they learn to 'KNOW' about each other.  When you change the state of one, the other one reverses its state to be in harmony with its partner.  

When, I first read about this amazing phenomenon proven in the laboratory - the question came to me - "How do they know?"

This resulted in my realization that Consciousness begins at the sub-atomic level of the universe.  The atoms, of course, composed of all their fundamental particles are what constructs everything that we encounter in our lives including all of our tissues and organs blood.  Everything that flows through our veins and arteries, everything that flows through our minds are formed by the atomic and sub-atomic level of construction.

What happens from there to give us our Consciousness is the subject of many of my books, the latest being 'The Science Of Physics'.  

But this line of thinking began for me at 'The God Particle Bible'.  On July 4th, 2012, the Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider confirmed the existence of The God Particle, the first piece of the puzzle that is created at the 1st Trillionth of a Trillionth of the 1st Second of The Big Bang (Creation).  What happened next is the longest series of miracles in history.

Then developed into The 4 States of Consciousness.  

There were several other explorations and then it culminated in The Science of Physics and a Follow-On book I am working on now.


First Picture of a Black Hole

The ANSWER to the question at the top of this blog- Did you guess it?

ANSWER:  As many as necessary

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Science Of Physics - And the Nobel Prize in Physics

Major Discovery in Science found here

If you would like to learn about the most important scientific discoveries of the past 50 years and how they apply to our chances of saving ourselves and our planet - you can take my COURSE right now and in a few minutes - YOU WILL BE MORE EXPERT than the EXPERTS on all the meaning of Science and why we are here.

The following is an EXCERPT taken from Chapter One:

"AGAIN - if any number to the power of Zero always equals ONE - then Zero to the power of Infinity equals ANY NUMBER.  Expressed mathematically this way.

Zero to the power of Infinity EQUALS a Universal Set of Numbers - or ANY NUMBER no matter how large or how small the number.

Another way of reading this formula is that Zero to the power of Infinity EQUALS the Universe. ‘U’ can stand for any number in the universe, or the universe for short.  They are interchangeable."




Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Science of Physics - Proof That God Exists - Now Available on Amazon

The Science Of Physics - Now Out in Paperback - Amazon

Every few centuries an idea hits that is too important to ignore, but it is ignored until everyone on the planet, or at least everyone with a brain is forced to accept it.  The new and revolutionary thought makes further progress when they discover that the proof is in our DNA and the mathematical formula that is invented here must be correct.




Saturday, April 11, 2020

Kicking Off The New Science Of Physics Blog - It's a New Global Village Out There - Time to Start Fresh

Brave New Knowledge For The Brave New World

Come Back Here Often to learn about my progress towards my latest book - The Science of Physics.  

In this new book - available THIS SUMMER - you will learn how all of the newest discoveries sum up to equal THE MOST MIND-BLOWING realization you will ever know.  You've NEVER heard of this new theory of the universe before.  AND you will ONLY read about it here.

While you wait for my seminal new book that will change how you look at your life in this world - pick up one of my earlier works to become educated on the Science that brought me to this NEW DISCOVERY.  SEE PREVIOUS WORKS - Above


---- If you look to the TOP of this BLOG in EXCERPTS I will be publishing sections as I complete them.  Come Back Often and Tell Everyone You Know - PUT THIS URL on all of your Social Media because we want to BLOW AS MANY MINDS AS POSSIBLE in pursuit of saving our planet!  Are you with me?


-We don't have much time -

I'll give you a hint or two:

It has to do with the Corona Virus that is currently SUFFOCATING millions of human lives on this planet - just BEFORE WE were about to SUFFOCATE ALL LIVING THINGS FROM THIS PLANET - There's a lesson there and we ignore it at our own peril.

It also has to do with the First DISCOVERY of GRAVITY WAVES by LIGO (The Large Interferometer Gravity wave Observatory) in this country on Sept. 15, 2015.

AND Entangled Electrons as explained in my book - 'MAXTRICITY' - AS WELL AS The Discovery Of The God Particle in my Book - 'The God Particle Bible'.

YOU WILL WANT TO KNOW MORE - My entire life, I have interpreted the latest scientific discoveries in a unique way.  This is why I authored the God Particle Bible while most scientists prefer to call the God Particle the Higgs boson.  

My New Book will ADD more recent discoveries and PROOFS of my earlier theories in the Audible or Print Book - 'The 4 States Of Consciousness'.  OR take the ONLINE COURSE 

SO - there's where you can START to GAIN sufficient BACKGROUND for the MOST CONTROVERSIAL AND PROFOUND discovery of this century and an Holistic explanation of the way that everything in this universe works together and WHY.

FINALLY we CAN and MUST Change the course of this planet.  But we'll need YOU!

-We don't have much time -

My Cosmic Brain - Successor to the Science of Physics is now a Best-Selling Sci-Fi novel with a very good chance of becoming a classic science fiction movie very soon - Hello Steven Spielberg.

  AUDIBLE BOOK of My Cosmic Brain coming in Mid July could be sooner - Come back OFTEN, for the LINK DETAILS HOW THE 2nd BIG BANG is going t...