Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Science Of Physics - And the Nobel Prize in Physics

Major Discovery in Science found here

If you would like to learn about the most important scientific discoveries of the past 50 years and how they apply to our chances of saving ourselves and our planet - you can take my COURSE right now and in a few minutes - YOU WILL BE MORE EXPERT than the EXPERTS on all the meaning of Science and why we are here.

The following is an EXCERPT taken from Chapter One:

"AGAIN - if any number to the power of Zero always equals ONE - then Zero to the power of Infinity equals ANY NUMBER.  Expressed mathematically this way.

Zero to the power of Infinity EQUALS a Universal Set of Numbers - or ANY NUMBER no matter how large or how small the number.

Another way of reading this formula is that Zero to the power of Infinity EQUALS the Universe. ‘U’ can stand for any number in the universe, or the universe for short.  They are interchangeable."




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