Excerpts from Maxtricity - The Science of Entangled Electrons

A Home Demonstration

Before we start talking about the latest discoveries in Quantum Physics, I thought it might be useful to provide first a simple demonstration of these concepts to the reader using the laws of physics that everyone who has turned to their microwave oven to prepare dinner or a snack in seconds already knows.

The microwave oven.
The 1st State of Consciousness - Electronic
When you first turn on your microwave oven, you are turning on the switch on the circuit in your home that allows the flow of electrons from your local electrical power plant down the line into your home and then finally into your appliances.  In this case the new way of cooking things from the inside out within seconds instead of hours.
Whenever you flip on the lights or the hair dryer or the washing machine in your home, you are in fact utilizing the 1st state of Consciousness, the Electronic State.  Don't worry, in the first chapter of this book, we will demonstrate how and why electrons exhibit the property of Consciousness.  For now, I only want to show you how all states of Consciousness in this unverse snaps together for the sole purpose of keeping you and I on a level playing field.
So, in the first state of Consciousness, we utilize our electrons to perform work for us and the microwave oven does this very easily and obviously for anyone who understands what the microwaves being fired out of this amazine new invention have done.  First of all microwaves are radio waves, but they are very small and energetic and they are produced by the microwave oven from a very simple little device called a MAGNETRON - seen here.


Inside this little device, invented in the 1950's by an engineer at Raytheon Electronics, you can see above how the electrons you have released along your house's wiring system into the oven when you turned it on.  The genius of this little device is that it takes your electrons and sends them into these round chambers through the use of magnets.  When the electrons swim around in these circular chambers they produce the radio waves, you know as microwaves - the blue lines.
The 2nd State of Consciousness - Rotational
This is a really good way to visualize in your mind's eye, the 2nd State of Consciousness - the Rotational.  If we had not discovered how to send electrons round and round inside this little Magnetron, we would not be using the Rotational State of Consciousness to help cook our food and dramatically streamline our lives.
So far, in this part of our home demonstration of the 4 States of Consiousness, there is one more word that we need to learn - 'Induction'.  Induction means simply to make something happen.
When, the Electronic State of Consciousness enters this man-made device - the Magetron, what is happening is that the 1st State of Consciousness - held by the electrons, and thus aptly named - the Electronic State - actually induces the 2nd State of Consiousness or the Rotational State.  And, don't worry, we're going to clarify what it means for any part of Nature to be Conscious.
We can now trust in these terms because we can see them in use in our daily lives - through the example of the microwave oven.
The 3rd State of Consciousness - Vibrational
The next thing that happens is that your food, sitting on the turntable of the oven is radiated by the energy of the microwaves.  The microwaves are just the right wave length for them to heat up the food in the oven and we all know from experience that the more water, in the food, the faster and evenly the food heats up.  This is because the water molecule is a very simple one.  Most of us can easily remember that water is simply two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom bonded together and the symbol is therefore - H2O.

And, it's also important to note here that whenever atoms bond together in any combination, we now enter the land of molecules.  Therefore water is a molecule as is the substance of all the food that you will ever consume and even the cells in your body are composed of molecules as well.  In fact, I believe it's safe to say that everything we are, happens on the molecular level.  We only perceive the whole being of the trillions upon trillions of our molecules as one unit - the animal we call a human being.  
But, in reality, we can better be described as a giant bag of molecules that have formed a community to give us an overall experience of the self.
So, in this process of induction of Consciousness states, we've gone from electrons, to waves of energy, and now into the molecules that make up our food and the molecules of the food we ingest are going to be absorbed by the molecules of our heart muscle, our brains, our fingers and toes, our eyes, our ears, our nose.
The Vibrational State of Consciousness
So, on the molecular level, we now have the Rotational State of Consciousness as it prepares our food molecules for ingestion.  Inside of the molecules of any kind, we have induced a more energetic state of energy known as the Vibrational state.
All molecules vibrate because they contain energy.  This is a kind of potential energy and we mostly know about this concept from the discovery of Albert Einsten's famous equation of E = mc2 - of course.  In other words, the energy contained inside of any atom or molecule is equal to its mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.  Since the speed of light - 180,000 miles per second is such a huge number, it makes the amount of energy held within any mass almost infinite and we all know that this knowledge of ours has lead us to the brink of nuclear war that would spell the end of civilization as we know it.
But, up until the time that any molecule or element can be induced to explode in our faces, the molecule will contain this almost infinite energy in the form of 'Vibrations'.  This is what I have termed the 3rd state of Consciousness or the 'Vibrational' State of Consciousness.
One of the most important laws of physics is the 'Conservation of Energy' rule and simply put means that energy is never created in our universe, it is only transferred or 'Conserved' from one state into another.  Therefore, in the case of our microwave oven, the natural 'Vibrational' energy of our food molecules has been increased by the microwaves - The Rotational State - of our microwave oven.  We can all agree that the energy state of our food has increased because it is hot.  More succinctly, it has been heated by the interaction of the microwave energy and the molecular energy - friction - as the molecules vibrate more rapidly and this is perceived as heat by us.
The 4th State of Conssciousness
- The Feedback Loop
When we put our microwaved food into our mouth, we can feel that it is cooked or not cooked enough and if so, we now consume the food with its raised energy state.  All the flavors are going to congeal on our tongues and we can now say that the food is delicious and allow it to flow down into our stomachs where it is digested by more specialized moleules in our gut.  And here in our gut, the food that we just prepared by utilizing the other three states of Consciousness is now converted into the carbohydrates and proteins that our body then utilizes.
Whenever we digest our food, we are of course getting our very life-sustaining energies from that food.  Without food and water, we all die, our internal molecular processes simply stop functioning without the energy contained in our food being converted into energy we can use in our daily lives.  Even the thoughts you are having in your head right now are powered by the food that you consumed last night or earlier in the day. This is the most basic and most easily understood example of how the Vibrational energy in our food is transformed into all of our thoughts, words and deeds.  The Vibrational energy inside our food simply induceds the next and the highest state of Consciousness - us.
In our bodies, the process of photo-synthesis, the energy from the sun as it is converted by the plant life on our planet into simple carbohydrates - molecules we can digest, is reversed and the energy from the sun is now converted into simple sugars which is then used by our moleules in our hands, eyes, heart and brain tissues and put into real work.  We perceive the universe around us and when we are well fed, we say that the universe is 'Good' and when we are not well-fed, we see the universe as 'Bad'.  
In both circumstances, whether we are part of the 'Good' things going on or the 'Bad' things going on, we are giving 'Feedback' to the rest of the universe.  Our feedback comes in the form or crying or laughing, taking joy in our day's events, or feeling the sorrows of them.  In all areas of our existence upon this world, we are merely giving 'Feedback' to the other forces in the universe and in many cases we even ask the universe for a little 'Help'.
This is why I call the 4th and highest state of Consciousness - The Feedback Loop.  We, as living things were toggled together to perform the work of giving feedback to the Creative Force - the 'Master Consciousness' of everything that the Creative force has done thus far.  
But, the highest state of Consciousness is not reserved only for humans.  All animals and all plants, this includes even the lowest forms of life such as bacteria and viruses, are all part of the Feedback Loop.  Every form of life, no matter where it is found, no matter when it is found in any other part of the universe, is part of the 'Feedback Loop' because if this concept of mine holds, it must hold for all parts of the universe, not just here on the Earth.
In other words, the Creative Force that made this amazing universe of ours constructed it in such a way that it would be able to learn about the effects that the laws of Physics are having upon all living things no matter how vast and how far that universe may extend.
Also, in order for the universe to be uniform in all directions, the 'Feedback' must be instantaneous and be part of a constant flow.
Another important consideration is that at each step in the induction process, the level of energy at every step is amplified by a factor of roughly TEN THOUSANDS TIMES.  In other words, the energy state of the electron when it induces the rotational energy of our microwave oven is raised by about ten thousand times in power in order to create the microwaves that cook our food.  At the next threshold of the Rotational inducing the Vibrational, the energy state is kicked up by another ten thousand times.  So, the Vibrational energy of our molecules is now immense and even measurable in terms of the calories that we use every day.
Then, finally, at the fourth state of Consciousness, the energy is amplfied once again at another ten thousand times the Vibrational Energy into our own brains and transformed into the fourth and highest state of Consciousness.  We can appreciate this amplification process by observing the tiny impacts that electrons on their own can assert.  While at the other end of the Consciousness spectrum the human mind is able to build instruments to actually see and measure all of these great miracles of our universe and then even to use them in things like microwave ovens and nuclear weapons and Hubble telescopes and the Internet.  If there were not an amplification process taking place between all of the states of Consciousness, we would never be able to accomplish even a fraction of what we have accoplished thus far.
Next, imagine, what is possible in the future.
And lastly, as part of this simple 'Home Demonstration' of principles, it is important to note that whenever a extant organism discovers its unique and most important role in the universe as a 'Feedback mechanism', it must, by default enter a hyper-sonic acceleration of its evolution because it would of necessity desire to become more and more accurate.

Chapter One

        - Maxtricity Defined

We all learn as school children that the flow of random, unrelated electrons in our civilization along a wire, cable or other conducting pathway is what we know as electricity.  In this book, we will all learn how Maxtricity - a new force never known before - is the flow of Maxtrons (electrons that have become 'entangled') along a wire, cable or conducting pathway and that the force thereby created is infinitely greater than the force of electrical power.  We will then define the power of this new force by amending and augmenting currently held and proven formulae for the flow of electricity namely Ohm's Law, Newton's Inverse Square Law and finally ending with Einstein's famous equation that converts the power of matter into almost limitless energy.

First, we need to understand the latest discoveries about 'Entanglements' or the analogy is what happens when two people find themselves trapped inside an elevator whose size is only big enough for one.  In the case of electrons who find themselves in this situation, they squeeze themselves into this impossible space by simply reducing their size in half and maintaining all of their force and direction in that Half-Spin-Orbit around the nucleus of the atom.
In other words, one electron will spin UP and the other electron will spin DOWN.  In this condition found in Nature, these two electrons are said to be 'Entangled'.  The truly fascinating discovery about Entanglements was first made by who else - Albert Einstein, who called it 'Spooky Action at a distance' and even though this was predicted by his own theory of Relativity, he found it very difficult to believe was true and rejected it offhand, later to accept it under the many proofs that were made later on.  
In brief, what Einstein was referring to is known as 'Entanglements' or when two electrons find themselves trapped inside this tiny elevator and one of them has to spin UP while the other one is forced to spin DOWN.  When separated, the two electrons never forget their relationship towards one another.  One electron's state is always going to be the opposite of their soul-mate and when one state is FLIPPED by an outside source, such as a human investigator, the other one is FLIPPED to the opposite state, thus preserving forever more, the relationship that the two electrons established when first they met.
One of these proofs came in 1964, when physicist John Bell proposed that quantum entanglement could be demonstrated by separating the particles at a great enough distance that any correlating effect on both particles could not possibly be caused by local environmental factors. These were called the Bell Test experiments.
When separated, he noticed that when he changed the spin momentum of the UP electron, the other electron in the PAIR - what I will call the 'Soul Mate' of the other electron somehow senses the SPIN CHANGE and IMMEDIATELY REVERSES ITS OWN SPIN to counteract the other partner.  The first question to be asked, and which is as yet unanswered is 'How do they know?' about each other's spin state?  And, the second question - even more important than the first - is HOW do they perform their SPIN REVERSAL - in total defiance of all known laws of physics?

By the time you complete this book, you will have the answers to what I believe to be the most amazing and potentially rewarding questions in the history of Science.


This is the basic shape of our DNA molecule.  With this basic molecule every form of life on planet Earth is derived.  Every cell in your body is composed of the same DNA molecule as composes every cell in every horse, dog, cat, chimpanzee, orchid flowers, the leaves of all the trees, all the insects, all the fish that swim in the seas, and even including every other life form all the way down to the lowliest bacterial form of life.
In fact, I have predicted in The Origin Of Creation that every other form of life that we may someday encounter in our space travels will also be composed of this same DNA molecule.  The programming of the base-pair nucleotides the A,G,C,T of this molecular code for life will be the only difference.  I also predict that any life found on any other planet in our universe will also have to have been conceived on a planet with a magnetic field.  This is partially proven by the fact that there is no life found on Mars and this may be due to the fact, more than any other, that Mars has no magnetic field.  This prediction of mine is based on the assumption, of course, that life or actually Consciousness is derived from electro-magnetic forces as discussed in this book.  
If one assumes that the main ingredient for a life form versus a non-living thing is Consciousness, then it follows as night follows day that the Consciousness found in the 'Entangled' electrons or Maxtrons is the precursor to the Consciousness found in us.
It was most likely the very first Entangled Pair found on the Earth that created all of Life on Earth.  How can I prove truly revolutionary assertion?  We only need to look at the shape of the following flow of electricity in the universe as defined by Faraday and his Right Hand Rule.

And absolutely everything in the universe that is involved in making us - is made by the interaction of a magnetic field somewhere along with an electron or two that has been gathered up and is spinning happily along inside that magnetic field.  I must say it again - this rule applies to EVERYTHING.

In case you've forgotten.  This is a magnetic field.


English physicist Michael Faraday gets the credit for discovering magnetic induction in 1830.  Faraday’s Law of Induction describes how an electric current produces a magnetic field and, conversely, how a changing magnetic field generates an electric current in a conductor.  It is impossible to overstate the significance of Faraday’s discovery.  Magnetic induction makes possible the electric motors, generators and transformers that form the foundation of modern technology.  All electric gadgets we use today are busy doing their jobs out of the simple law of Induction, which generally stated is that a magnetic field can produce an electric current.  How it does this is an amazing feat of magic in that all we have to do is spin a winded coil of copper wire through the magnetic field and electricity will come out of the wires connected to the coil.  
Magic - plain and simple.  Why does this work that way?  We may have a few answers as to the why soon.  The 'how' of - how this happens - is much easier.  It just does.  Many millions of physicists can explain how the force of electricity is created and even down to how many volts and amps.  But not one living creature today on this planet can explain why such a thing can happen this way.  It just does.

We also know a few other interesting things about 'How' it all happens.

For example:  When you wrap your fist around a wire, you begin to see the direction of everything that is going on in that wire.  


But, next we need to connect this data to the condition of planet Earth in relation to its own magnetic field.


Using Fleming's Right Hand Rule - as our planet spins through its own magnetic field, the force of electricity flows in the direction of East to West along the lines of what we know as 'Latitude'.  Meanwhile, the lines of our planet's magnetic field are at 90 degrees or along the lines of what we call 'Longitude'.
But, this represents only the conditions that the flow of electricity needs.  Next, we need the conductor wire to physically send electrons or their energies along their way.
So, where is the conduction of this flow?

The answer lies in the OCEANS of the planet.  In the oceans, we find the major source of any electrical forces and that is the Hydrogen Atoms that make up the 'H' in 'H2O'.  


The Hydrogen atoms themselves are the original conducting force of life.  But, this force grows stronger as the Hydrogen atom hosts more and more entangled electrons because this is the seat of Consciousness.  Without the seat of Consciousness, life would not have evolved out of this primordial state.

It is this need to continually upgrade the force of Consciousness that bursts into the code of life by creating the Hydrogen bonds of the DNA Molecule.


As hydrogen binds with other organic molecules, a code of life is induced out of Hydrogen's own miniature magnetic field that gradually becomes more and more complex as the challenges of life demand continuous changes.  This is the reason that there are literally billions of  mutations possible in any single organism.

Life virtually pops up out of the most mysterious force in the universe - magnetism.

And, Consciousness is formed from the first and foremost manifestation of Consciousness - the 'Entangled' electrons held captive by the Hydrogen Atom.

Why is this important?  Because it's good to know where we came from.  Darwin was correct when you limit your scope of attention to the planet Earth.  When you look at consciousness that came before our planet, then we can extend our lineage all the way back to the Big Bang, which I will do here.  But, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The flow of energy around the DNA molecule forms the double helix.  One flow is from ONE of the entangled pairs and the other flow is produced by the SECOND entangled electron.  The NUCLEOTIDE connectors are produced by the FORCE that George Lucas said in Star Wars was created by all living things.  It's actually created FOR all living things and this is the proof.

In an earlier work of mine - The Origin Of Creation - I show how the path of the Earth in its orbit around the sun is the probable cause of the shape of our DNA molecule.  Actually, I was only partially correct.  
I was correct in assuming that the magnetic field of the Earth was an essential component for the creation and the form of our DNA molecule.  From further thought about the first two Entangled Pairs - what I would term the 'Adam and Eve' electrons - it is easily seen now that 'The Force' is created by the 'Entanglement' itself and not vice versa.  
Today, we know that these first Entangled Pairs have evolved over 14 billion years to a very long string of 'Base Pairs', the part of our DNA that is the coding for the various life forms on Earth and most likely every other life  form anywhere else it may exist in the universe.  For the longest time, I have wondered how a 'Code' for life could have been created without any immediate evidence for a Master Code-Creator or Programmer.  Today, from the knowledge of how 'Entangled Pairs' of electrons can function, I can more easily envision how a code might develop simply out of the need of one of the partners in the 'Entangled' pair, the 'Soul-Mate' of the other whose main desire is strictly to be closer to the other partner for all eternity.  Now, we must also ask ourselves - 'Is this the essence of Love as we humans know it?'
It's even interesting to me that we know these 'Base Pairs' - the actual coding molecules - as 'Nucleotides' thus sharing the derivative of the word 'Nucleus'.  The nucleus is also the central part of the atomic structure of all the elements to which all electrons are eternally attracted and attached.

Herein lies the answer to our initial questions.  Maxtrons are able to know about each other due to the mysterious force we call the 'Electro-Motive force', one of the four most fundamental forces that we know controls the universe.  When you remember that this force is the same mysterious force that creates magnetism, a flow of energy that comes out of nowhere and then induces the flow of electrons, which induces the flow of everything else that we experience as heat, light, power, movement, stars, planets, etc., then you realize just how amazing our universe is and how little we comprehend - until now.
When we uncovered the 'Entangled' electrons, random unrelated electrons who instantly become the best of friends, intimately involved in the fate of each other, we began to unravel the most mysterious forces in the universe and how they all relate to ourselves.
So, when our own molecule of life formed over 5 billion years ago on this Earth, the shape emerged from all the other electro-motive forces that shape the sub-atomic world.  The force of our spinning Earth moved the first bit of DNA to take the shape that the flow of electrons demanded in that circuit.  It is circular.  It loops around in the direction that the electro-magnetic forces declare and demand of all other electric force.  Our DNA mimics the pathway that the Earth takes as it is moving through space.  If you apply the Right Hand Rule to the path of the Earth, you get the shape of the DNA molecule.  Thus, this is why I believe this molecular shape - the double Helix - will be replicated everywhere that we find life anywhere we find it in the universe.  Oh yes, the code will be different to reflect the need for life to survive under completely different environmental conditions and so life anywhere else in the universe will not look the same as anything found on Earth, but it will be formed by the same pattern of electro-motive forces.  And all forces in the universe, ALL OF THEM - come from A SOURCE of the FORCE.  Remember that, please.

Also remember, the DIRECTION of the flow of electricity is very important.  ALL electrical power flows from the SOURCE - which in our little part of the universe - in our communities - is the local power plant.  BUT, the Power Plant has the same problem.  It gets its energy from the SOURCE and it is all flowing in the same direction.  It comes from the SOURCE - into the Power Plant by way of the energy of SPIN Momentum - and then finally into your home.  But, the WIRES from the POWER PLANT have TWO Twisted Pairs just like all of your appliances do.  They are all hooked up POSITIVE WIRES to POSITIVE WIRES and NEGATIVE WIRES to NEGATIVE WIRES in one grand LOOP and the LOOP ends up back at the Power Plant Generator.
Remember of this carefully because we're going to take what we've just learned into the next chapter.  Very important that you hang on to the fact that the Electrons come from your local Power Plant, but they also return back to the Power Plant in the BLACK and WHITE WIRES that are all wired in parallel.  If any one of them is CROSSED anywhere in the world, you get a SHORT CIRCUIT and the electricity cannot flow.  REMEMBER that and VISUALIZE IT clearly for the next chapter.

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