The God Particle Bible

Excerpts from The God Particle Bible by Michael Mathiesen

If you have any kind of curiosity about the universe and your place in it, your purpose, your ultimate fate, then the discovery of the God Particle may be interesting, to say the least. You may have often wondered about the existence of God. God knows we talk him an awful lot. There are preachers on TV from all denominations every day of the week citing some form of their belief or religious teaching, called dogma. Dogma, by the spelled backwards is 'AmGod'. I don't know what that means. I just find it very interesting. At any rate, we've all had our moments in life when things have happened to us and if they're in the negative, we want to blame God. God why did you do this to me? And if it's a positive thing we say "Thank God", even though we may not be religious or spiritual. I've known many people who may use that term even though they're atheists. "Thank God". When they get older and if they are still atheists, they'll change it to "Thank Goodness" as if that would make any difference.
So, if you've ever wondered what God or 'Goodness' is, you've come to the right place and I think that's the vast majority of us. And up until now, up until the year 2012, when the God Particle was announced by CERN, the scientific organization that administers the research at the Large Hadron Collider announced that they had found the God Particle, but up until that moment in time - and I will always remember that day for the rest of my life, it was July 4th 2012. I was landing on Maui for a little vacation when the announcement was made. And over the next few days I started my work on this book basically bobbing up and down in the beautiful blue waters of Maui, getting the message from God about the God Particle. So, not only was it announced to the world on that day, but it was announced to me very heavily and I continued the amplification of that announcement up until now and probably all the way up until the end of my days.
I found my purpose quite easily on the day of that announcement because I had always wondered about God since I was a little boy. What was this thing going on in my head, this little voice that kept trying to guide me onto the right path. And things would happen to me even as a little boy that I knew was influenced by something much larger than myself. Sometimes I was influenced by my parents, sometimes by my friends, sometimes by my teachers in school, but most of the time, the most significant impacts on my consciousness were brought about by some other influence, my own internal discussions with myself, I thought.
As I got older I realized that these were not discussions with myself, because where would myself get all of this wisdom and information that was flowing more and more with each passing year? I believe we all have this. I believe we all have gradually increasing wisdom through our lives, through discussions mainly with ourselves, or so we think. But there is a larger force out there, I've always felt instinctively, always felt that there was a larger force that guided my thoughts to some extent. Some of course were completely random, generated by hormonal impacts on my brain, created through millions of years of Evolution, the need of survival. Of course, we cannot deny that at all. Take great pride in some of those, indeed, because I have survived and I have survived well, thank you very much.
I have the very great fortune of reaching an older age, looking back at my life and not regretting a single moment, not one moment. And I'm extremely grateful for every moment in my life, the good, the bad and the ugly, because they have led me to this point, a very satisfying moment in my life where I can feel my purpose being fulfilled. And I truly wish this upon us all. This degree of satisfaction in life, in achievement in the final days of my life, I believe is what it's all about. And of course I'm not talking about superficial monetary achievement, financial achievement or even artistic achievement or social achievement, political achievement, or anything like that because that all goes away, washed away in an instant at the moment of your death. You can't take any of that with you.
But you can take your purpose with you. At whatever level of purpose that you have achieved, you do take that with you. And if you have not fulfilled your real purpose in this life, you will get closer to it, but not fulfill it in the next life either, but you'll get close to that end goal of your life at some life form that you are born into. I know that sounds very Buddhist, but it's true. Because energy cannot created or destroyed, not by humans. Energy is only transferable. And we are powered by energy and I'm going to get more into that power in a moment. But I have to lead you there piece by piece.
So this life's purpose, if it is fulfilled, as I believe mine has been - and I am so grateful for that - then what happens to me or a person like me in the next life? If I have completed the cycle, I believe there's a huge party waiting for me on the other side. Now, by 'Party' of course I don't mean that literally. You don't party with a lot of booze, your friends and relatives and food and celebration like that, the noise makers and funny hats. Oh no. But there's a celebration at the end of a fulfilled life. In the old Bible they refer to that as 'Heaven' don't they? And they conjure up images of you sitting next to Jesus who's sitting next to his father, The Almighty God. And what happens while you're sitting there all that time, the scriptures are unclear, but it's a good thing, we can say. And to a certain extent, I believe that it's true.
But, I don't believe that you just sit there beside God. I believe that you return to God and you become one with God. You're a part of God, when you leave this flesh and blood person. And that lasts for all eternity. I believe you see everything the way that God sees it. Because we came from God and so back to God, we must return. The whole cycle of a life fulfilled and your promise met and life's goal achieved as set forth by God in his infinite planning of everything, means that at the end of your cycle you go back to your Creator and that means that you become God. You're not a secondary figure. You're not at a lower level of consciousness. That does not exist. It cannot exist. There is only one level of consciousness and it's all connected.
Nor does it make any scientific sense for there to be levels of completeness or oneness. You're either in the oneness or you're not. While we're on this planet, or on any planet, we're not. And there is life on many of the billions of other planets, because this was the purpose of the universe - to create little nooks and crannies like Earth where life could evolve and take hold. Why? Because God, being total consciousness, creates our consciousness because the first law of consciousness is wanting to share it. Imagine wanting to keep the glorious consciousness a secret forever and selfishly maintaining infinite consciousness and wisdom to ones self forever? That's not God-like. That's not in the cards for consciousness.
Consciousness reaches out, and this is what created the Big Bang. It's literally the hand of God moving through the heavens, not even Space/Time, but the heavens that contains Space/Time. He sticks his finger in the water and starts the ripple effect and that's the Big Bang. But for what purpose, we ask? Now, we have the evidence and the evidence suggests is that the purpose of the universe is just to create life, as simple as that may be. The purpose of the universe is to create life, so that we the living can observe God's marvelous Creation and give glory to it and give thanks, to look at it, to see with our own eyes, the infinite power of God's consciousness and to learn more and more about the intricate and profound beauty, the unmatched artistry that goes on and on forever.
This is our purpose in life. So that God can enjoy his Creation through our eyes, through our ears. He can listen to the music that we've created, that God is created as we harmonize together. You can bet that God enjoys Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, the Beatles and yes even the Rolling Stones. He can enjoy all of this through our ears, all of it. Through our eyes, the Van Gogh's, the Picasso's, the Monet's, the Rembrandt's, the Michelangelo's. And he can look at our little tiny piece of Creation and he can revel in that and enjoy it all with us. That's consciousness. That's the power of consciousness, and the reason of consciousness.
The real beauty of consciousness is that we all have some, in between the ears. And if you don't realize that, then you might as well be a robot. But you're not a robot. Some of us will deny this because perhaps we fear it. Or don't wish to tackle it. Too many of us go through life pushing our own consciousness back out of sight and out of mind. And, it's not until our dying moments that we realize how much we've missed in our lives, like seeing for the first time, our dearest love, our greatest friend coming through the mists of time and the regret must be overwhelming for people like that. I don't envy them. I'm not one of those. This is why I try to always tell everyone I contact in my daily life, no matter who they are, just how much they mean to me, good or bad. I hold nothing back any more.
And I know that you're not going to be one of those either because you've had the curiosity at the very least and the mental agility perhaps even the desire to learn more about this subject. So you're here, reading this book or listening to me read it for you.
But the grand awareness that we can all enjoy today is that God is now a scientifically proven fact. And not just something that we have to have 'Faith' in only. This is what we've been taught for eons. The argument being, 'Why should believe in your God?' "You just have to have Faith" is the answer.
"But you mention so many fairy tales and stories and things like that." You might say.
"Yes, but you just have to have faith," is the response.
"But, there's no proof. There are no photographs that were taken. There are no objective reports by anyone to verify your stories. They're all anecdotal and they're all told by people interested in building a church based on these stories." You might say.
"Yes," is the response. "But you have to have faith."
Not any more. God - as of July 4th 2012, is a scientifically proven fact.
In further chapters of this Bible as I call it, I intend that to you. I will prove that to you. And I think this is a major breakthrough for humanity. I also believe that the timing of the discovery is no mere accident. No, no, no, no, no. Some of the scientists will tell us that it's just that the research happened to go along at this pace at this time and they finally found the God Particle because of all the research building up over centuries and of course, in a way, they are right. But they also must see and they will see someday that this entire path of the scientific method being built upon and improve and research compounded over and over upon itself, and the building and building upon other prior information and more questions be produced by more discoveries - that whole scientific method has a path that leads back to a point in time that we can track.
Run the movie back. If you ever have any doubt about anything that I say in this Bible, simply run the movie back in your mind and you'll find the point at which time this trend was started, the beginning point. And that is what I call a God Particle Moment' where some choice has been made between all the myriad millions of possibilities and some point it was chosen to do either A or B. And one of those paths proved to be the correct one and it led to where we are today.
Too many of them have proven to be the incorrect paths and they have led to where we are today. There have been billions and billions of good and bad choices over the evolution of time, made by individuals or groups of individuals that have led us to this point in time. And so now there are two master choices that have been brought to us and that are now starting us right in the face. Do we choose A or do we choose B.
Choice A, could lead to the total destruction of humanity and all of the progress that life has made on this planet could be wiped out in a day. Or Choice B where we could head towards a world that is totally dedicated to Peace, Lovingness amongst ourselves, understanding, compassion, cooperation more than competition, working towards the common good, preserving the planet's ecology so that we have food enough to eat, air enough to breathe, water pure enough to drink for all eternity as God intended for us to have. Living peaceful lives, safe in our homes, without fear of any kind could be the path. Choices A or B in front of us now as our civilization plods ahead.
So, could there be any doubt that God brought us to this point for a reason? In God's infinite wisdom in creating life, there comes a point in time where we must be tested. Are we worthy of further consideration? Does humanity merit God's love and concern and trust? Or are we just a form of trash that he can throw away as a failed experiment? This is part of consciousness too. And we are at that moment of our greatest test.
We've had many in our Evolution. We've passed some. And we've failed some, sort of mid-term exams and our grade right now is at best a C-. And now we're at the finals. Because we've learned enough about the energies in the universe where we could destroy it all by unleashing the most lethal forms of energy upon ourselves and upon our planet. There's talk about it even as I speak and there is a fear developing. The greatest fear we've ever had. And it's increasing across the world. So, there's no doubt in my mind and in the mind of many that we are a crossroads. We're at our greatest God Particle Moment where we are going to be forced to choose one way or the other. And this is why God chose to reveal himself to us at this time and show how it all works in the simplest of things that we call the God Particles which is actually just part of the field, the God Particle Field.
Scientists want to call it the Higgs Field, because a Professor Higgs predicted it. But actually, it will be known for all time, despite all the resistance of the scientific community, it will always be known and stay known as the God Particle Field, because it's obvious to most that a particle or a field of this immense influence, the greatest influence, the most serious influence, the most widely-observed influence, the most pervasive influence in the universe, the most fundamental influence and the original influence, the very first one, upon which the whole universe booted itself up and out of, would have to be created by God. No one else. There's no other conclusion.
It could not have been an accident that big, that pervasive, that overwhelming, that influential and so coincidental to our future. The discovery of the God Particle put us on a new plateau of consciousness where we can now look back at the Big Bang and know why and how and when and where and who. It's all there.
The evidence is overwhelming. Only the dullest and most obstinate of brains will not see it. And so even the scientific community, some of it at any rate, resists the great significance of their greatest find. Isn't that funny? Isn't that ironic? The greatest minds are also the most unseeing and blinded in our world. I've known too many of them who believe that this is all random chance and that when they die, it all fades to blackness. And for a long time that argument held some water, but not any more.
You will learn in future chapters all of the scientific evidence that supports my theory, all of it. All that is known today. In future years, if we make the right choices, the evidence will be overwhelming and there will be only one conclusion and we will all have that one conclusion in our hearts and minds and that controversy will be over. If we can get there.
No, God is a scientifically proven fact now. There had to have been a conscious force with some plan in mind to create the God Particle Field because if there wasn't, there would be no order in the universe. All the electrons, all the protons, all the neutrons, all the quarks, every atom, every molecule, including the ones that create your thoughts right now, would not exist. They would be simply random slices of energy, strings of energy, running into each other, running off to infinity, even blotting out light itself because of the chaotic disorder that everything would have.
But instead of a universe like that some incredibly wise and loving force created a model of order and laws where God's information could go out first and build the universe corralling all of the electrons, all of the protons, all of the neutrons, all of the quarks, all of the muons and gluons, everything else we know about into a structure that would eventually create our homes, give us food, water, life, gratitude, love, affection, passion, procreation, evolution and bring every life form in the universe to this point in time where they would be tested.
"All right," God says, in his infinite wisdom, even from the very beginning of Time. "I shall set the universe in order, in motion and there will come a day when life forms will exist on parts of unknown all over my Creation and life will be tested to find out if they deserve to go forward with me, everywhere."
And so the conditions are created over billions of years, because God has plenty of time. Time does not even exist to God. God creates time. Space and Time were created in what we call the Big Bang, the original moment of Creation. So, God has plenty of it to hand out and he can afford to wait - to make sure that everything rolls out perfectly. God doesn't rush anything. There's no need.
And so, after fourteen billion years of this part of Creation, humanity is being given its greatest test. On the one hand, the power to destroy us all. And on the other hand, the power to cause the greatest act of Creation the universe has ever known and be one with it in peace and eternity and love and hope and kindness. The choice is right there, magically because as we get to know God, as we get to know the scientifically proven form of God, not some other story-book type of God, that we must have faith in, but a God that is scientifically proven, sits in front of us at all time, is in the midst of us at all times, that is part of our every motion, that God, has been revealed to us - The God that requires no faith, but only awareness. That's all.
And so you have in front of you now, the tools of that awareness. You have all the facts in front of you and you must decide, all of you, which part of the test, which answer you will choose, A or B. We're all part of this experiment, like it or not. We're all in this soup. And that means it will take millions and millions of us agreeing on the choice in order for that choice to be made. We are in charge of our future. We are all standing on the precipice. And we're about to go over the cliff like lemmings as the force of Nature, the force of our own bad choices, crowding us over the edge, pushing us over the cliff. The cliff is right before us. We can see the chasm deep and wide. We cannot see the bottom. It's black, cold and miserable. We're all about to be pushed over the edge from the mass of all the evil that we do to each other every day. The weight of it surges us forward, closer and closer to the edge. We're pressing against each other. The masses by the millions edge every onward and there does not seem to be any way out.
And at the last minute, a giant choir of angels opens the clouds above us singing, singing to us in the most wonderful and glorious music and all we have to do is reach up, grab the outstretched helping hand, understanding the force of Creation and being pulled up by the millions and saved from the precipice, one at a time, faster and faster until there is no longer a single person standing on the precipice, not a single soul, not a single animal, not a single molecule. All of it rescued at the last minute and in complete oneness with this discovery.
This is the objective of this God Particle Bible, for lack of a better name. And if you have a soul or even an inkling that you have a soul, and that there may be some element of truth to what I'm telling you now, this will resonate with you in some mysterious way that I cannot predict, but it will resonate with you as much as it does with me, because it is that simple and universal. Everyone can understand it. Everyone can use it. There are no barriers to inclusion - none. Only the barriers that you put up yourselves.
I hereby invite you to lower all barriers, open the mind, understand these forces and let them in. Because they have been given to you. They have been given to all of us, not just the scientific community. Oh no. It's been given to all of us, this final greatest truth about our existence that civilization has ever known or ever will know. The truth lies here in front of you, in the very next moments of your life. Total understanding, total awareness, total knowledge, total acceptance, not faith, but total acceptance and compliance with the Truth and the total understanding of how that truth can be used, how it must be used.
Will your individual life be improved for knowing this? That, my friend, remains to be seen, not by me, but by you. I cannot imagine it not improving your life to the ultimate degree as it has done for me. You're not going to win the lottery. You may not even find your soul mate, your ideal match. You might not be able to move up the corporate ladder securing a better financial position for yourself and your family. You might not. I can't guarantee anything like that, but I can guarantee you total happiness, peace, true love and serenity. And isn't that the real reason why we strive for everything else? Hoping that the real match, that improvement in our financial situation will bring us happiness, but they don't.
True happiness is found elsewhere in the human heart. True happiness is in finding your position in the universe, how unique it is, how much God appreciates it, how much planning was put into it, and how God wants us to use it. And, then going there.

NOW you finally have a new model for 'God' that you can have total faith in because all of this is Scientifically proven fact.  No more fairy tales, no more mythology, no more 'miracles' that someone says happened over 2,000 years ago.  Instead, you can have faith in the scientifically proven 'God' and all of his now known activities.


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